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We work with WordPress and the Divi premium theme to deliver a professional finish.

Unlike ALL the other web service providers (like GoDaddy, Wix, WordPress, Uniregistry, etc.) Kwibsy.com is completely unique is terms of how we design and support your website – no hourly rates or hidden fees! Below, you’ll read more about us and how our team of designers can help you like no-one else.

“Caring and professional, they worked with me to get everything I wanted on my website right, nothing has been too much trouble for them. I highly recommend Kwibsy.”
~ P. Newman
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Fantastic everything i wanted and more, do not have time to take care of things myself can not believe how they look after every little thing for you. i highly recommend if you want a perfect web page get in touch with Kwisby 😀
~ A. Theodorou
“My dreamteam!! Thanks for all youre help guys.”
~ W. Kamil
“Good design and great support.
~ E. Dougherty
“Affordable, with top notch service. I am very pleased with the results and blown away by the shear bang for buck! Thank you for all of your ongoing support Kwibsy.
~ J. Harvey
“Support is not 24/7 and design is using WordPress. Other than this, I am glad to use Kwibsy. Very cheap.
~ T. Mahajan
A great service. Their method is transparent and effective, you always know what is happening next!
~ L. Potamitis

Contact us now for any questions our team is happy to help!

Our contact details listed above are for enquiry purposes only. Upon receipt of payment, a Kwibsy designer will contact you directly via email to have a quick chat about your website – and you will have their direct contact details (telephone and email address) for future support.

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New Kids on the Block

Kwibsy was founded in early 2019 in an attempt to simplify web services for people less experienced with the technical mumbo jumbo – We know that there are business owners without the time or experience to setup hosting, build the website (with a logo), maintain the website (keeping it secure, and optimised, and more), laying out the SEO (researched keywords and key phrases), and more.

Website Package

Here you will find our design packages, ranging from 51 EUR, and higher. Our smallest package option includes hosting, web design, SSL, and more. This is a more efficient option for those who want a website built in full, as required.

Corporate Services

Corporate Services range from company formation, to accounting, and much more. With our 10+ experience, we can offer free advice and make your business more tax efficient. Contact us now to discuss your business and identify options.

No Hourly Fee

No Hidden Costs

No Problem

Not Just Another Web Service Provider… so what’s the USP?

Kwibsy offers a range of web services ranging from hosting to domain name registration, to web design, and more. However, Kwibsy isn’t just another web service provider like GoDaddy or Hostgator… We offer design package deals that include a combination of web services that will have your website up and running in record time without the technical mumbo jumbo that usually accompanies a new website – like setting-up hosting (a potential nightmare if you have separate providers: one for domain name, and one for hosting). Plus, there are no hourly fees or hidden costs. PLUS, the Kwibsy designers responsible for the setup and design of your website will continue to provide ongoing tech support and site maintenance so that you’ll never have to learn how to use WordPress and how to keep it secure, and optimized, etc. Anytime you wish to make a change or tweak the text (etc.), you just contact your Kwibsy designer, and they’ll have it done.

WordPress, Wix, Godaddy, Uniregistry, or Kwibsy – Which is Best for You?

Well… We do what they do, and more. We’ll give you a free domain name with a website built by us, with a free logo and favicon, and free graphic design support, when you host your site with us, PLUS, we provide free ongoing maintenance support so that you can concentrate on the more important aspects of your business… without any hidden costs or hourly fees.

A website is made up of key componants: domain name, hosting, design, SEO, and far more… and we’ll handle everything for you in a single, subscription based package (please see design for more information). WordPress, Wix, Godaddy, Uniregistry, and others, all specialise in specific components (hosting, domain name, etc.) and, when you choose to build your own website, you are faced with the task of combining these components from different web service providers in an effort to build a lasting, professional website for your business. This can be complicated and time consuming.

We will simplify everything in an all-in-one solution that gets your business online in record time. We’ll build your site, filling it with relevant, hand-crafted designs that are original concepts prepared exclusively for you and your business. We’ll host your website on efficient, trusted servers allowing your site to always function at it’s best. We provide SEO services prepared with market research on the most celebrated software available for WordPress, and we’ll even manage/support/maintain your website for you, for free.

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