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From hosting to web design, we offer a range of support services, including SEO, SSL, Domain Name, and more!

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Please note: to have a website, you will need (1) domain name, (2) hosting plan.

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+ Domain Name

Find your perfect domain name that best represents your new website and register it with us, today!

.com  €14.95*
.co.uk  €14.95*
.co  £34.95
.uk  14.95*
.us   19.95*
.net  19.95
.store   69.95
.org   14.95*

* FREE with all design packs (excl. startup pack)

+ Hosting Plan

Find a web hosting plan that suits your needs! We have 4 hosting plans that include differing features.

Basic €1.50 /mo *
Standard €3.25 /mo *
Advanced £6.25 /mo *
Premium 9.75 /mo *

* 50% discount in the first year.

+ Web Design

Find a web design plan that gives you everything you want – from number of pages, to functionality.

Small €50
Medium €90
Large £140
X-Large 200

+ eCommerce Quotation
+ SEO Quotation

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Find a complete package that has anything and everything you need to get your online business going.

Startup €51 /yr 1
Business  €96 /yr 1
Corporate  £240 /yr 1
eCom 300 /yr 1

Advanced eCommerce

A eCOM 594 /yr
AA eCOM 899 /yr
AAA eCOM 2,999 /yr

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Please Note: we have design packages available that include a number of features (including domain name, hosting, logo and more) from €51.
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Logo Design


We design your logofavicon for use on your website, in social media, marketing, advertising, etc.

14.95Add to basket

Logo Design + More

€14.95 /yr

We design your logofavicon, with safe storage of image files, plus we even renew the logo/favicon at your request.

€14.95 /yearAdd to basket

Online Chat

€3.95 /yr

We install + setup online chat software to your WP website: includes maintenance, customisation, and software updates.

€3.95 /yearAdd to basket

(1) Graphic Design


We design one image for your business that can be used on multiple platforms, like: social media, website, and more.

24.95Add to basket

(2) Graphic Design

€34.95 /yr

We design two images for your business that can be used on multiple platforms, like: social media, website, and more.

49.95 34.95Add to basket

Website Maintenance

€49.95 /yr

We support, maintain, and manage your WordPress website. This includes software updates, site customisation, etc.

€49.95 /yearAdd to basket

Social Media Setup + Consult


We set up your social media account/page to be reflective of you business/website and consult on beneficial activity, posting, etc.

24.95Add to basket

Social Media Management

€24.95 /mo

We manage your social media account, updating the account (with relevant news, images, videos, etc.) 3 times p/week.

€24.95 /monthAdd to basket

Advertising Management

€69.95 /mo

We run, manage and monitor Facebook or Adwords advertising campaigns following review of your business.

€69.95 /monthAdd to basket


€78.00 /yr

Using the more prominent words/phrases from the text provided by you, we add one Keyword/Keyphrase per page, and more.

€78 /yearAdd to basket


€168.00 /yr

Following careful research, we add as many as five Keywords/Keyphrases per page, and more. 

€168 /yearAdd to basket

SSL Certificate FREE

€9.95 /yr

If you don’t have SSL (little padlock next to your site URL) from a trusted SSL certificate, Google will likely label your site Not Secure.

€9.95 /yearAdd to basket