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Domain Name | What is the Domain Name? is a domain name.

A domain name is the defining title by which a potential visitor can find and identify your website. Your domain name becomes part of the web address (URL) that can lightly be compared to a telephone number – if someone is trying to call you for the first time, they dial your telephone number to reach you. Through SEO and other services, you can make it easier for a visitor to find your website, but the domain name is the identification by which a visitor can directly search and find the website.

Just to clarify: Domain names are used to ID one or more IP addresses. E.g. in the URL, the domain name is

Domain Name | What is a Web Address? is a web address.

Short for website address, the web address is a synonym for a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) that uses HTTP/HTTPS protocol. An interesting fact – Since it’s creation in 1994 by Tim Berners-Lee, the format of the URL has never changed.

Domain Name | What is a Domain Extension?

.com is a domain extension.

A domain extension, also known as a domain suffix, is the part of the domain name that is located to the right of the dot – the last part of the domain name. The unrestricted domain extension .com (short for commercial), used by companies and commercial entities, is one of the more recognised TLDs (Top Level Domain) on the world wide web. Other common TLDs inlcude .net, and .org. Though TLDs all have loose guidelines, they are generally available to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Domain Name | .com,, .org, or .store? How to find the perfect domain name.

Ultimately, this depends on you and your activities.

What will you be using your website for, and where are your websites targeted user base situated? If the answer is general commercial use, world wide, .com may be more suitable for you. However, if your website is general commercial use targeting the UK, may be the better option.

When searching for your perfect domain name, we would advise that you take the time to think carefully and lay out a list of available names. Depending on your website activities, the domain name should be easy to read and remember. Also, when concerning SEO and/or advertising, choosing a strategic domain name can aid in marketing your business online. E.g. If the domain name is, setting up SEO and advertising to attract searches concerning “home decoration” could be greatly boosted.

Take your time and choose carefully.

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