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Logo Design includes favicon + brand design to give your site real, original branding.


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What is Logo Design?

Logo design is the preparation and composition of a logo.

A logo is a distinctive and memorable a form ID for identifying a person, business, company, or organization. This form of ID may take any shape and size; most commonly graphic design, or stylized name, or unique symbol. As a device by which others will recognise the entity, the logo would rarely change and is always recognizable despite colour changes, or sizing, etc. The logo is forever present (on marketing materials, buildings, communications, literature, products, stationery, vehicles, and more) as a means of identifying the entity (person, business, company, or organization).

A favicon is a small icon, usually a minimised version of the logo, used to identify the website. It appears on the left side of the tab when the website is opened on a browser (above the URL). Branding is the encompassing design that takes inspiration for your websites logo, goals, beliefs, and/or activities. It is the colours, symbols, or ideology that further present your website as a professional business, established and trusted.

You’re brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room…

                                                                                                                                Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon)

How does it work?

Before a logo or brand is designed, there must be a clear unified understanding of the goals and the values of the brand, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the target group. Qualified in both marketing and design, and despite our incredibly low prices, our team follow industry standards and research the business as well as it’s proposed activities to construct a series of concepts for the logo and branding overall for the website. In short, the process for the logo and branding involves market research, conceptualization, testing, refinement, testing again, and adoption of the refined design.

If you select one of our design packages, our team design your logo and brand whilst hosting settings integrate.

How important is original logo, favicon, & brand design?

Very. Kwibsy values form and function; providing a full suite of web services that ensure effective function, with a full suite of design services that produce professional form. Our design packages guarantee a full suite of services that aid in the construction, performance, and management of the website. Though logo and brand design do not directly impact the function of a website, they may affect the level of activity on the site. Amongst an ocean of websites, an attractive website is everything, but an attractive website that stands out is equally key.

As the identifying features of your website, and by extension your business, the logo design and brand design is of vital importance. Together with graphic design, our full suite of design services give your website the best start.

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