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Search Engine Optimization is key to organic searches via Google or Bing, plus site ranking.

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Now more than ever Search Engine Optimization an imperative element of web design and ownership.

Please note: The advanced SEO plan is highly recommended for those seeking to make a professional footprint online – market research allows us to identify the best, and most effective Keywords for your business/website, and then alter the business information provided by you to include those words – thus improving the rank of the site, and the odds of being listed first in the search results (organic).


1 Keyword /page

1 SEO title /page

1 Meta description /page

5 Keyword synonyms /page

78.00 /year

€78 /yearAdd to basket


Market research

5 Keywords /page

1 SEO title /page

1 Meta description /page

Unlimited Keyword Synonyms

Unlimited redirects

168.00 /year

€168 /yearAdd to basket

+ What is Site Maintenance?

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It’s the really special feature that we’re offering with our design packs…

Featured in all of our packages – ongoing site maintenance is a service that allows you to have a professional website and customise it whenever you want without having to do anything yourself – we do everything. We customise at your request, we update site software/plugins frequently (each week), we monitor site security (daily), we maintain SEO according to updates (as applicable), etc.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engine optimization is another key element of web design. It’s benefits are attributed to a number of influences, including the search engine rankings for the website, or web page, in question.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, this is the technical process of making a website, or web page, more accessible to the search engines. Search engine optimization involves a careful orchestrated adjustment to the HTML of the pages on a site. The best SEO services strike a perfect balance between form and function.

In addition to affecting the over all search engine rank or a website, or web page, another benefit of SEO is attributed to the improvement of traffic to the site by increasing the site’s visibility in the search engine results. Content is the foundation by which search engine optimization is utilized or wasted. Websites are able to improve search engine optimization by improving the content. This process of refinement involves delegation of keywords that are both relevant and beneficial to the pages and content, pages are indexed correctly, and ensuring that the content is unique.

How does it work?

With the use of META tags, Keywords and Key Phrases, the search engine assess the website, or web page, to attain an understanding of what the information represents: What kind of website is it? Is it a business? If yes, what kind of business? If applicable, what goods/services are offered? etc. META tags are HTML tags that are likely to distinguish the website, or web page, from the rest. There are many factors that determine what understanding the search engine takes away. The title of a page is integral to this process. It the first point of call for the search engine when assessing the sites overall function. For example, a keyword for this particular page is SEO; so a search engine like Google, or even Bing, will know that our website is in some part related to SEO.

Effective search engine optimization commonly leads to a more productive website: producing more traffic thanks to higher search engine ranking, and clear relevance (according to the assessment by Google, Bing, etc.) to the potential visitor.

Do you need SEO to have traffic via Google or Bing?

If the site is being advertised, is will occasionally show up. But with SEO, the website is far more likely to receive traffic from a search engine: both unpaid and paid means. In addition, it improves your paid advertising results and pricing as a higher search engine ranking gives the search engine more confidence in the relevance of your website.

Search engine optimization is a driving force behind the visibility of a website. The world wide web is a national library that contains every book known to man – from the past to present. In order to help people find the book they are looking for, the librarians have organised the books into genres, authors, publishing years, etc. Your website is a book. SEO is the process and means by which we organise your site to be found on the shelf by the right people. The right people for your website are those who have searched for information that pertains to your site’s offerings.

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