Tech Support + Site Maintenance

Tech Support + Site Management that allows for responsive website support + maintenance.

Tech Support

+ Site Maintenance

The ultimate support for a business owner without the time, and/or experience, to keep their website secure, up-to-date, and customise layout, logo, etc. 

Think About It… you don’t build a business to run a website… you build a website to run a business!

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€99.90 /yr when you renew

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We Handle Everything 4 U:

Site security (weekly)

Software updates (weekly)

Information updates (on demand or necessity)

Site customization (unlimited)

SEO updates + monitoring (where applicable)

Consult available during office hours


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Tech Support + Site Maintenance | What is it?

Tech support and site management is the combination of maintenance services dedicated to keeping your website, or web page, optimised, updated, and secure.

Even after a website is built (complete with SEO, security, etc.), it requires ongoing maintenance and management. Like a professional computer, it shouldn’t be left to exist as it was designed – it should be checked regularly (daily if possible), updated when required (each week), optimized (each week), and kept secure through regular assessment of web activities (daily). A website, or web page, should adapt and evolve, updating content and removing excess content that might slow the site, etc. A professional website, or web page, is never really complete.

Tech Support + Site Maintenance | How does it work?

There are two aspects to our tech support and site management services: support and management.

Our team will guide you and your website, being readily available for any questions, or content changes, or website alterations, etc. And, they will manage your website by seeing to the overall function of the site, keeping it optimised, updated, and secure. Optimisation involves SEO, website performance, navigation, and more. Updating you website involves keeping all the related software and content updated. Security management is the daily assessment of web activities, keeping the security software updated and optimised, and scanning for any harmful content, harmful comments, harmful messages, login attempts, etc.

Tech Support + Site Maintenance | Is our Support Responsive?


We offer premium support – boasting over 3 years experience in site maintenance and support, we are very responsive. Our team of experts maintain and manage your site, keeping it optimised, updated, and secure. What do we mean by responsive website support and functionality? We mean our services are responsive to your websites specific requirements at any given time. Also, it refers to your website, as it will adapt to mobile, tablet, and PC – making it a responsive website.

Tech Support + Site Maintenance | Can we help a Responsive website?


Our site support will manage and maintain your website – keeping your website optimised on the 3 main platforms (mobile phone, tablet, and PC). A highly efficient website, or web page, is effectively three distinct websites, or web pages, in one; with a separate look and feel for each platform, that allows for great accessibility.

62% of individuals are less likely to purchase from a brand if they have had a negative brand experience on mobile.

In addition, in case of an unlikely crash, site maintenance will ensure that your website is safely stored (via Kwibsy hosting), so that we can always bring your website – unharmed and unchanged.

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