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Responsive Website design

Our websites are specially designed to adapt to different devices – What does this mean? It means that, while one web visitor might view your website via PC or Laptop, another web visitor might be simultaneously viewing it through Mobile, or Tablet – No matter how or when the website is accessed, whether through PC, Laptop, Mobile, or Tablet, the website and its content will remain professional, responding and adapting to any screen size, in keeping with the original design.

Not Only Web Design

We are a team boasting over 10 years’ experience in Business development, operating from our office here in Limassol, Cyprus. Our target is simple; make business easy. Any business owner will recognise that juggling the many responsibilities alone is sometimes overwhelming. Rather than paying the likes of Shopify 400+ per year to build your own website, and then build your own business, contact us. Take back control, share the load – our experts can handle everything for less.

True seo service

SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization’. But what is it? First we need to understand that platforms like Google, or Bing, are what are known as ‘search engines’. When we optimise a website for ‘search engines’, we are helping these platforms to better understand the website; helping to appropriately catalogue the website. For example: If BOB the builder wants new tools and uses Google to search for shops near him, the top appropriate organic results have established SEO.

eCommerce Web Design

We offer eCommerce solutions that may include a shopping cart, with purchasable elements such as products, services, courses, and more. Payment options can include standard purchase functions, subscription functions that can be programmed to include a free trial period, and more. Also, payment methods can include direct bank transfer, and payment processors such as Stripe, PayPal and many more. Our eCommerce website design Cyprus and many countries worldwide. 

Corporate Services

Kwibsy will not only help you build, market and advertise; Kwibsy will follow you one step beyond with our many years of experience in business support & development. Our corporate services will propel your business into the next phase with merchant account opening services, company formation services, corporate account application services, accounting/bookkeeping services, and more. With our help, we can make your business more tax efficient, and more efficient for business.

Business Made Easy

Ultimately, our goal is to make business ownership simple – easy and stress free. To some extent, this is impossible. However, with our carefully constructed website design package deals, our efforts are guaranteed to make your life easier – Our Website design packages are structured to include business development solutions that simplify the ownership of online presence (website, social media, online advertising, etc.) – we achieve this with no hourly fees, no hidden costs, no problem.

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Corporate services

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Why Web Design Limassol Style?

We build your website from the ground up. We fill it with all of the functionality to power it forward. We support you to what ever extent you choose with further business support services that may include accounting/bookkeeping, company formation, social media marketing, Google Adwords advertising, and more.

Nothing is simple – But Kwibsy will make it so.

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